Our mission is to provide your rugs with the care and attention they need. Our rug specialists are trained and certified to handle your treasured possession.

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Types of Rugs

Rug Cleaning CompanyThere are many different types of rugs that exist from Turkish to Persian to Contemporary and more. With so many rugs available, you can choose any that meet your taste and personality. It is important that rugs are always handled with care and with the proper care, a rug can last 150 years or more. However, if a rug is handled improperly, you will find that it can take on damage and rip or lose its color. If you have a rug that needs to be cleaned, repaired, or restored, the team at Rug Cleaning Company is here to help. We have your best interests in mind and we love rugs. Our team has decades of experience handling the most delicate of rugs and we will care for yours like it was our own family heirloom.

Each one of our techs is insured, licensed, and bonded for your protection. Whether you have a rug that needs to be cleaned or you have one that has a stain on it, we can provide you with the services needed to make the rug perfect again. No matter the type or size of the rug, we have you covered. Call Rug Cleaning Company today at 212-378-9714 to schedule an appointment or to receive a free quote.

Indian Rug Care in NY

Indian rugs are some of the most beautiful and well-known rugs available on the market today. These rugs are often made from a combination of silk and sheep’s wool and they come decorated with a number of patterns and floral accents on them. Many individuals own Indian rugs and they are often in high demand too.

The designs on the rug make them difficult to care for and those who are not experienced in the care of the rug should avoid trying to clean them on their own. Our team is able to pick up and clean your Indian rug the best way possible. Call today to learn more.

Kilims Rug Care in NY

Kilims rugs have an interesting background and were first used by nomads who would sew them for warmth. These types of rugs are best known for their square shape and they are often well decorated, but not too over the top. The feel of the rug is often coarse, but not uncomfortable.

Since these rugs are made from natural fibers, it is important that they are handled with care and properly taken care of. Our team knows how to handle Kilims rugs and we have many years of experience doing so. If you would like to have your Kilims cleaned, let us know.

We Care for All Types of Rugs

Our experts are well versed in the care of all types of rugs. No matter the size, type, or shape, we can handle them for you in the best way possible. Some of the rugs that we clean, repair, and restore include:

Call Today to Book Rug Cleaning Services in NY

Rug Cleaning Company offers free estimates for all rug cleaning services in NY. We will come out to your home and inspect your rug to identify any problem areas and provide you with a quote. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, call our office today at 212-378-9714.

Rug Cleaning Company Rug Cleaning Company

Rug Cleaning Company

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Our rug specialists are trained and certified to handle your treasured possession. We offer both pickup and delivery services to ensure your rug never leaves our sight or is in hands that it should not be in.

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. The team at Rug Cleaning Company wants you to know that your rug is not ruined, it is just in need of a clean. We offer affordable, reliable, and quality cleaning services for your rug and we can restore its color and more.

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There are many possibilities, but fortunately, our team knows how to fix them. We have many years of experiencing in fixing damaged rugs and we can restore and breathe life back into yours.

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